Learning Plan For 2013

November 28, 2012

I've started to think about and plan how I will improve my development skills in 2013. My goals are:

  • Deepen my knowledge of the Ruby language

  • Learn CoffeeScript

  • Become familiar with database technologies other than MySQL, especially MongoDB

  • Consistently write about what I am learning, whether it's simple or not

  • Write a Ruby driver for NSQ

I will achieve my goals in this manner:

That's approximately 2200 pages (Programming Ruby is 944 pages but the second half of the book is language reference which I won't be "reading"). So 2200/365 is approximately 6 pages a day, or 42 pages a week. Some of the books I am reading will cover material I am already familiar with, but I personally find it helpful to consistently review the basics.

I will post my progress here. In the past I have been embarrassed to write about the things I am learning because I feel others have said it better already, and perhaps I'm posting about things I should have known already. But that is a counterproductive mindset to have. First of all, it betrays a conceit that anyone actually reads these posts in the first place. Secondly, it keeps me from engaging in what is one of the best ways to complete the learning experience, and that is to write about it and teach others.

I'm looking forward to firming up the knowledge I already have, and getting deeper into Ruby, the language I have come to love. I'm also excited about digging into an open source project that I have used and admire, and learning from the masters.